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Friday, January 12, A Day

News 4 days ago Literature: Students completed the word parts quiz for the week of 1/8-1/12 Writing: Students created a story arc for their small moment story ideas

Thursday, January 11, B Day

News 5 days ago Literature: Mini-lesson: Students learned to pay attention to the author's specific language to help grasp mood...

Wednesday, January 10, A Day

News 6 days ago Literature: Mini-lesson: Students learned to investigate how setting influences the characters; Students read their...

Tuesday, January 9, B Day

News Jan 9 Literature: Mini-lesson: read aloud excerpt from "The Fight"; Students analyzed how characters are often...

Monday, January 8, A Day

News Jan 8 Literature: Students completed the word parts practice for the week; Mini-lesson: Students learned to develop a...

Friday, January 5, B Day

News Jan 8 Literature: Students selected their books for the historical fiction book clubs Writing: Students completed the on-demand narrative writing assessment

Thursday, January 4

News Jan 8 No school due to subzero temperatures

Wednesday, January 3, A Day

News Jan 3 Literature: Students reviewed classroom, technology, and reading workshop procedures; Students previewed books...

Thursday, December 21, B Day

News Dec 21 Don't forget to read over winter break! See you on January 3rd! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 20, A Day

News Dec 20 Literature: Students completed the context clues final exam Writing: Students completed part 2 of the writing final: on-demand argument writing assessment ****All retakes or missing assignments must be completed/turned in by the end of the school day****

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