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Videos perfect for 5 minute breaks.

Room 204 Specials Schedule

Specials Block Art: Tuesday- Library/SSL: Wednesday Music/PE: Thursday Music/PE: Friday

Southern View Instructional Focus

I can use evidence to support my thinking.

Tell Me Why

Go back to your text.
What page did you find your support on?
What paragraph did you find your support on?

Reading Lesson Plan Week of 8/27/18

Lesson Plans Aug 27 Monday: "Strong readers defend and critique ideas by using specific passages ? by quoting specific words, sentences, passages- from the text itself." 

Writing Lesson Plans Week 8/27/18

Lesson Plans Aug 27 Writing Lesson Teaching Points Monday: "Most writers set up spaces that they can do their best work. They put items and words into those spaces to remind them w

Our Week's Focus 8/27/18

News Aug 27 MATH We are going to begin learning 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication Homework:  Tuesday- Lesson 3-1,  Wednesday- Lesson 3-2,  Thursday- Lesson 3-3,  Friday- Lesson 3-4 READING We are continuin

Homework Week 7/30

News Jul 30 Math/Reading  Monday        16-3- Classify Quadrilaterals, Read for 20-30 minutes, practice spelling words Tuesday       16-4 Line Symmetry,Read for 20-30 minutes, practice spelling words Wednesd

This week in Room 204

News Jul 30 Attached are the focus facts for our class this week.  Any questions. Please let me know.  cbell@sps186.org 

Welcome to 4th Grade

News Jul 17 I’m so happy to have your student in my class this year....

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