Our Schools, Our Future

We need your input on our facilities. Please join us at one of the following community engagement sessions to hear about the state of the District and to share your ideas.

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 6 PM, SHS

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 6 PM, LHS

Thursday, Feb. 23, 6 PM, SSHS

BlackHawk App list

A list of all available APPs on the BlackHawk Sync Station

Inservice agenda

Listed are the agendas used for the technology inservices in my buildings.


Please take a few minutes to complete this reflection piece. I will help drive the next inservices

There's an Apple App for that !

Photos Aug 11 A quick description of what some of the applications on a district computer are.

Using iCardSort

Photos Aug 10 pictures to show how to create and share cards in the app iCardSort

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