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4/23/18 Homework

Homework 5 hours ago Finish math book pages from 8.6, do SL 8.6

4/17/18 Homework

Homework 6 days ago SL 8.3 and finish math book pages if not done. (The first 2 pages from 8.4, plus the math box page from 8.4) WW 20 due/test on Friday Finish literature group packet (5 items) by

4/13/18 Homework

Homework Apr 15 Finish the 4 assigned math book pages if not done in class (from Lesson 8.3), and SL 8.1 Wordly Wise 20 is due/test on Friday

3/23-4/12 Homework

Homework Mar 28 No homework due to PARCC testing unless you haven't gotten your classwork done.  Are you caught up in your reading workshop novel?

3/22/18 Homework

Homework Mar 22 Finish all math pages from unit 7 (except the two pages from the math game we skipped.) There shouldn't be more than a page or so to complete! Try the practice test for unit 7-we will

3/21/18 Homework

Homework Mar 21 DD-187,  CS-191,    RT-184 Math book completed through 271, and SL 7.8 WW 19 due tomorrow, test on Friday

3/19/18 Homework

Homework Mar 19 Novel: DD-151, CS-151, RT-150 WW 19 Test Fri. due Thursday SL 7.7 Math book should be caught up through 267

Pi Day

News Mar 14  Congratulations to Sarah, for reciting the first 101 numbers of Pi! Wow!

3/14/18 Homework

Homework Mar 14 Math: Finish all four pages from 7.5, and SL 7.5 Reading: No new pages, but make sure you are caught up! (See pages on yesterday's homework) Wordly Wise 18 due tomorrow, tes

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