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At the end of each grading period, the students are required to take assessments. There are three assessments that are given. One assessment is a Reading Extended Response Assessment, This assessment assess the ability to read a story, and respond to the story by using the information from the story and their own thinking to support the information from the story. Another assessment is a Writing Response Assessment. For this assessment, the students are given a writing prompt and must respond to the prompt. The last assessment is a math assessment. This assessment assess the ability to be able to calculate, compute, and understand the concept being assessed.


All the students have iPads. We will be using the iPads for continuing learning in the classroom.

Classroom News:
Please have your child read the weekly fluency passage with you or any family member nightly.

We are working very diligently to become fluent in multiplication and division facts 1 - 12. Your child will be bring home nightly multiplication and/or division homework to study for the facts that he or she has not mastered.

What's Happening

News Sep 16 Please make sure that you are checking your child homework folder nightly to see if he/she have homework for the facts...

Ms Sanders Classroom Rules

Example Epub Jun 6 Rules for students to follow

Welcome Back

Blog Aug 12 Welcome back to the 2016- 2017 school year! This year we will be learning and working with new technology in the classroom. Please talk with your child about the important of caring for the new equipment.

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