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Master Facilities Planning Information

Blue Dinosaurs

The bus tags for Room 149 are the blue dinosaurs!!

Classroom Expectations-RM 149

Please help your child review our Classroom Expectations every day before school. Remember, we want all students to be able to learn in a safe, fun environment, and we need every child (and family) to understand our rules! Click on the Info icon in the left column on this page and click on Classroom Expectations to find the document.

Supporting Healthy Coping Skills in Children

We all get upset or angry every once in a while, and children are exactly the same. WE have to TEACH our children how to respond to those feelings in a SAFE way!

To get ideas on how to help your child cope with his/her feelings, check out the info about coping skills under the Resources icon on the left of this page.

At-Home Activity-Animal Habitat

Look at the interesting habitats our students made at home and brought back to school!


News Apr 19 This week, the ELC is celebrating the Week of the Young Child!  Make sure to ask your child what activity he/she did each day that helped them realize how special he/she is!

Space theme

Photos Apr 13 We spent three weeks learning about Space and astronauts!

"Occupations" theme

Photos Mar 12 Our Books of the Week for our occupations theme were "I Could Be", "I Can Be Anything", and "Police Officers".  Check out all the fun we had learning about jobs!

At-Home Activity: "My Dream Career"

News Mar 2 Don't forget to help your child find objects that match his/her dream job.  Send the objects to school, so your child can talk about them.

Letter Learning

News Jan 12 We are beginning a new activity plan for learning letters.  We are assigning two students to every letter:  your child gets to bring 2 objects that starts with the letter on his/her Friday.  Check the schedule to see which letter & day your child has!

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