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Mission Statement The Franklin Middle School community will provide a high quality education to develop responsible learners and productive citizens.

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Monday, December 17th

News Yesterday Pre-Algebra: Students took the District Pre-Assessment for semester 2.  There is no homework. Algebra 2: Students took the 5.5 Quiz.  Then they worked on examples from 5.6 Notes.  There is no homework due to finals.

Friday, December 14th

News 4 days ago Pre-Algebra students took their final today.  There is no homework....

Thursday, December 13th

News 5 days ago Pre-Algebra: Students reviewed questions for the final tomorrow.  I will collect the warm-up papers on Friday. Algebra 2: Students completed notes and examples from 5.5 Notes Day 2 with their partner.  HW: p. 346, #30 - 34 evens, 42 - 46 evens, 58 - 70 evens

Wednesday, December 12th

News 6 days ago Pre-Algebra: Students worked on Final Review #3.  They should finish for homework if not completed. Algebra 2: Students worked on 5.5 Notes Day 1 and worked examples with their partners.  HW: p. 346, #2 - 10e, 20-28e, 50, 52

Tuesday, December 11th

News 6 days ago Pre-Algebra:  Students worked on Final Review #2.  They can do the evens problems from S1 Final Review #1 for...

Monday, December 10th

News Dec 10 Pre-Algebra: Students received the Semester 1 Final Topics sheet.  They also started working on the S1 Final Review.  HW: S1 Final Review (odds) Algebra 2: Students completed the S2 District Pre-Assessment.  There is no homework.

Friday, December 7th

News Dec 7 Pre-Aglebra: Students completed Lesson 1-3 as a class.  Then they worked practice problems #4 - 7, 9, 10, and 16 with their partner.  NO HOMEWORK! Algebra 2: Students took the District Semester 1 Post Assessment.  NO HOMEWORK!  

Thursday, December 6th

News Dec 6 Pre-Algebra: After checking the Practice Problems for 1-2, students worked online to complete 1.2 XL Practice....

Wednesday, December 5th

News Dec 6 Pre-Algebra: Students completed Lesson 1-2 from the book.  HW: Practice problems #4 - 19 all on p.15 Algebra 2: Students worked on S1 Final Review in groups and received the topics for the final.  District Assessment is on Friday.  HW: S1 Final Review

Tuesday, December 4th

News Dec 4 Pre-Algebra: Students worked on 4.5 XL Practice & Quiz online during class....

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