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Link to Algebra 2 Online Resources

Click here to access online book and resources for Algebra 2.

Link to enVision 2.0 PreAlgebra

Click here to access the Pearson log in page for homework help and online resources!

FMS Mission Statement

Mission Statement The Franklin Middle School community will provide a high quality education to develop responsible learners and productive citizens.

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Tuesday, September 18th

News 5 hours ago All classes continued MAP testing today.  There is no new assignment.

Monday, September 17th

News Yesterday Today all classes took the MAP test.  There is no homework.

Friday, September 7th

News Sep 9 Pre-Aglebra: Students completed the front side of the Two-Step Notes and Examples and Two-Step Practice with their...

Thursday, September 6th

News Sep 9 Pre-Algebra: Students worked through Solving One-Step Equations Practice in their groups and shared their work on the...

Wednesday, September 5th

News Sep 5 Pre-Algebra:  Students completed Solving One-Step Equations Notes & Examples with their partner....

Tuesday, September 4th

News Sep 5 Pre-Algebra: Students worked in groups on Simplifying Expressions #1 and #2....

Tutoring Sessions for Chapter 1 Test

News Sep 2 Two former students have volunteered to hold tutoring sessions for current Algebra 2 students for the upcoming Chapter...

Friday, August 31st

News Sep 1 Pre-Algebra: After the Distributive Property Quiz, students worked on Simplifying Expressions with Parentheses....

Thursday, August 30th

News Aug 31 Pre-Algebra:  Students worked in groups on Distributive A and B....

Wednesday, August 29th

News Aug 29 Pre-Algebra: After the Combining Like Terms Quiz, students worked on Distributive Property Notes & Examples....

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