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By clicking on this calendar, you can see the upcoming assignments and due dates.  There is also information about where online the actual assignment can be found.

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Congratulations to Mrs. Schnake's Students of the Month

Congratulations to :

McKinley H.

Mariona S.

Sykorra V.

Darcie W.


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Library Dates

As a general rule, we go every other week.  Dates are subject to change.

Thursday,  January 4th

Wednesday,  January 17

Wednesday, January 31

Wednesday, February 14

Wednesday, Feb 28

New Years Resolutions

Blog Jan 4 Do you have a resolution this year?  Something that you want to do better at? Something that will make you a...

Happy New Year

News Jan 4 We are off and running ... sort of.  Students began the new year learning how to add information to a Padlet....

Letters to Thailand

News Nov 13 My students have been given the opportunity to learn about another culture through writing....

Finish this story.

Blog Nov 13 This wasn't the first time I had been trapped inside a _________ , but it was the first time I had to escape in order to save a life. Here's what happened.

Parent Teacher Conferences

News Oct 20 Parent-teacher conferences will be held next Thursday night from 5-8 and on Friday during regular school...

Who is the person from literature that you would most like to meet and talk to? Why? What would you like to ask?

Blog Oct 9 You can choose either a character or an author.  Who would you like to meet? Why?  What do you imagine you...

Transitional Words

Resources Oct 9 These are words that you can add to your paragraphs to tie your ideas and thoughts together.  Using them makes your writing stronger.  This list was borrowed from another teacher.


News Sep 26 As I am sure you have heard by now, students have been taking the MAP benchmarks test in Math and Writing classes...

Change in Plans

News Sep 13 Typically, students have a vocabulary quiz on Fridays.  This Friday there will be no quiz....

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