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Middle of the Year News

Newsletter Dec 14 During the middle of the year, in art class ,we have been learning about color....

Classroom Management Plan

Info Nov 2 Be Creative Listen closely Follow safety rules Walk silently Always do your best Use good manners Incentives - Students compete by tables for point

Portraits and Values

portraits and values Jul 20 Students will take a photo in photobooth on effects setting....


Collaboration Jul 20 Collaboration- When students finish their portraits we show our work on a bulletin board and discuss whats good or what could be better.


Assessment Jul 20 Assessment- 1. Students will create photo with various values (at least 3) 2....

Standards and Framework-

Standards and Benchmarks Jul 20 district-Goal 25 A benchmark -Recognize the effects of elements on shapes and forms...


Directions Jul 20 Starter-Show examples of famous portraits. Direction: Students will learn to take their photo...


Summary Jul 20 Students will take their photos in photobooth ,being sure to have a variety of light and dark...

Welcome to the art room

News Jun 9 During the second quarter, we will be concentrating more with using paint as our medium. We will always have aprons available for students to use,but you may want to keep in mind what day is art day and dress accordingly.

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