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What is the DRA?

The Developmental Reading Assessment, DRA, is a measure that we use to help determine the current reading level of our students. It consists of reading a text, retelling or summarizing the text, and answering questions about the text. It is a timed assessment, so fluency is also measured.

The DRA is administered to all K-2nd grade students. Kindergarten students only do the assessment at the end of the year. 1st grade students do the assessment 3 times a year. 2nd grade is only administered in the middle of the year.

The end-of-the-year benchmarks are level 4 for kindergarten and level 18 for first grade. The middle of the year benchmark for second grade is level 24.

We will be using the results, and information we gain, to help students grow in their reading.

Fun website

Resources Nov 29 Fun games with letters and sounds.


Resources Nov 29 This is great website for building reading skills.

Storyline Online

Resources Oct 19 Here is a link that reads books to students by famous actors and actresses.


Resources Jan 21 Great resource with short texts leveled by Lexiles

Busy Teacher Cafe

Resources Jan 21 Many different resources for teachers to help with planning literacy lessons.

Online Books

Resources Jan 21 Tumble Books will read the stories to you. Free online books.

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