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Intermediate Music

Intermediate students are asked every day to analyze a song at the beginning of class. They are asked to answer a variety of questions about the song. They are also working on illustrating one of their favorite songs, "Don Gato".

Primary and Upper Primary Music

I have been using the Quaver online music program to teach and reinforce musical concepts such as: steady beat, rhythms, and meter. Both grades are constantly working on singing with a singing voice (as opposed to a speaking or yelling voice), and keeping a steady beat. Upper primary students will soon have an opportunity to sing solos.

ML Music

Middle level students are studying the music of the 1960s. They also have learned four of the most important ukulele chords: Am, C, F, and G. They are already able to play most of two Beatles' songs and a John Lennon song.


Intermediate students- Make sure to bring your notebook and something to write with to music class every day.

Middle Level students- Make sure to bring your folder and something to write with every day.

2018 Cinco de Mayo Night

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Middle Level

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Cinco de Mayo Night

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Middle Level and Upper Middle Level Behavior Plan

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Primary, Upper Primary and Intermediate Behavior Plan for Music

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Music Appreciation

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IETC Conference

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Classical Music

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