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Snowballs Were Flying!!

It may have been hot outside, but snowball were flying inside! On Tuesday students participated in a "Getting to Know You" activity that included wadding up their paper to resemble a snowball and tossing it to the front of the room.  Students then picked up a snowball and tried to find its owner. Once the owner was located, the person was introduced to the class. It was a very "cool" activity!  Brrr!

Unit 1 Review Guide

News Oct 2 Intro to FACS classes just finished their career projects. Next on the agenda is a Review Guide for their Unit 1 test. The test will be on Tuesday, October 8. A copy of the review guide is attached. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Building a Paper Shelter

News Aug 25 On Wednesday the Intro students were given the task of building a free-standing shelter using only 6 sheets of...

Virtues Project

News Aug 25 The Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences classes have been learning the definition of various virtues and how they can be applied in high school and life. Students will create a Virtues tree and them complete a Virtues project. 

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