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Periodic Table TEST -postponed

The Periodic Table  test will be on Friday, February 23.   Students should bring their Periodic Table each day and participate in all of the class work practice we do.  The test will now be on Tuesday, February 27.


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School Phone #

Just a reminder that FMS's  phone # is 787-3006.

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Each quarter, students may bring in one box of facial tissue (any brand) for 25 points of extra credit.

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Online Textbook

If you click on this link it will take you to the online edition of our textbook. The password you will need to enter is EAC96D13B5. Unfortunately, for some reason the book will open for some but not for others.

Periodic Table Test - postponed

News Feb 15 After a lot of practice, we will take the Periodic Table Test next Friday, February 23.  The test has been postponed to Tuesday, February 27.

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