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Goals For Life

Goals for Life
This year we have add our goals for life to help the students do their best and succeed. They are as follows
1. I can make good choices even if I am mad.
2. I can be ok even if others are not okay.
3. I can do something even if I don't want to.

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S-Sit up straight
W-Watch the speaker
A-Active Listening
G-Give feedback

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H-Hands behind your back or to your sides
A-Always facing front
L-Lips Zipped
L-Low speed
S-Silent passage

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Specials Schedule

Monday 11:10-11:40 Music 11:40-12:10 P.E. Tuesday 11:10-11:40 Music 11:40-12:10 P.E.  Friday 11:10-12:10 Art

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Breakfast Menu
United Way Duct Tape Fundraiser

Photos Nov 19 Mr. Jordan, Mr. Hood and Ms. Jett were duct taped to the cafeteria tables. Students could purchase duct tape and tape them to the tables. The staff, students and teachers raised about $2,600.00 for

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