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Please check out longer videos (ClassDojo only posts short videos) on my youtube channel.

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I communicate daily using the ClassDojo app.  Parents LOVE this safe way to communicate and they get to see their child's moments through the day.  Please do not delay in asking me how to sign in to your parent account.  :)

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Super Readers reading to the class!! (Middle of Year reading strategies)

News Feb 15 Click this link to watch each kid read a book of their choice to their classmates.  Watch for reading strategies, listening skills, speaking skills, and a little pride too!! 

Student Presentations

News Feb 2 Students worked as a team to build structures that would protect Polar Bears from the sun.  Each team also made up a team name that everyone had to agree to.  :)  Check out videos here.

New Videos on YouTube Channel

News Jan 31 Check out Structure building by teams and !00 day Celebrations on my YouTube Channel.  

Referral Free Hungry Hippos Celebration

News Jan 23 Students that did not receive any referrals the last few weeks enjoyed a friendly game of hungry hippo!   Check out some videos here.   No judging the camera woman - she was als

Controling Anger Video

News Jan 23 Teaching kids how to deal with their feelings is a life lesson they will use everyday.  Watch this video with your child and talk about how the character in the story is the same as you and me.   https://youtu.be/QxSKKtUdAjU

MLK Jr. Video

News Jan 12 This is a great video from youtube (full length movie) about MLK Jr. called My Friend Martin.  Feel free to watch it at home with your child and have discussions.  :)

How To Writing

News Jan 12 Thinking about our steps to drawing a snowman.  Using team building, using one step at a time, to draw a snowman.  Next, we will write a 'how to' book on how to draw a snowman.  click here for video

Friendship week Poem Reading

News Jan 12 Finishing up Friendship week with a friendship poem and partner reading.  :)Click for video  

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