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Please check out longer videos (ClassDojo only posts short videos) on my youtube channel.

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Daily Parent Communication

I communicate daily using the ClassDojo app.  Parents LOVE this safe way to communicate and they get to see their child's moments through the day.  Please do not delay in asking me how to sign in to your parent account.  :)

Friday Reading Buddies

News Apr 27 Friday Reading Buddies https://youtu.be/cUQVAtx8eOY

See Saw parent viewing

News Mar 21 Don't forget to create a parent account on the SeeSaw app I shared with you in messages through the ClassDojo app.  You can see your child counting patterns on a hundreds chart and reading their favorite book.  :)

Kindergarten Math

Info Mar 21 In my classroom, I send home the whole packet of math homework at the beginning of the math topic.  This allows for parents to choose when they can get to math support and practice time on the

Kindergarten Reading

Info Mar 21 Students should be reading nightly with an adult.  At least 15 minutes, but more is always loved by your child.  Kids love to hear you read and talk about a book.  They also like 

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