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Please check out longer videos (ClassDojo only posts short videos) on my youtube channel.

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Daily Parent Communication

I communicate daily using the ClassDojo app.  Parents LOVE this safe way to communicate and they get to see their child's moments through the day.  Please do not delay in asking me how to sign in to your parent account.  :)

MLK Jr. Video

News 4 days ago This is a great video from youtube (full length movie) about MLK Jr. called My Friend Martin.  Feel free to watch it at home with your child and have discussions.  :)

How To Writing

News 4 days ago Thinking about our steps to drawing a snowman.  Using team building, using one step at a time, to draw a snowman.  Next, we will write a 'how to' book on how to draw a snowman.  click here for video

Friendship week Poem Reading

News 4 days ago Finishing up Friendship week with a friendship poem and partner reading.  :)Click for video  

Science Observation

Photos Jan 9 Check out this video to watch a science experiment on friendship and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's dream.

Different on outside Same on inside

News Jan 9 Watch Mrs. Brinkley teach a lesson for Friendship Week and relate it to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's dream. Click for Video        

updated videos

News Dec 21 click here youtube

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