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LMS Band Marching in St. Patrick's Day Parade

February 25, 2009

Saturday March 14, 2009
The first unit in the parade starts marching at 12:00 noon. You should be at the Horace Mann Parking Lot (between 7th and 9th, and Jefferson and Madison) by 11:30. Parking will be a problem! Unless parents drop students off, allow extra time to find a parking place. Leave your case in the car. You should look for us, or a parade official to find out where we are to meet. We should be lined up by 11:40. Please donåt be late.
Make sure that you use the bathroom before you leave home!
Everyone knows how unpredictable the weather can be in March. We will not march if the temperature is much below freezing. Even if it is somewhat warm, please remember that downtown has few windbreaks—it always feels colder than outside your door at home. Please wear layers under the LMS BLACK t-shirt. It is better to get a little warm while marching, than freeze while waiting. Consider wearing a long sleeve turtle neck or t-shirt, then a white or black sweatshirt, then the BLACK LMS t-shirt. Wear dark pants such as black, navy blue, or dark brown. (Do not wear any red, orange, yellow, pink, etc. that will draw attention from green and black). Blue jeans are fine. Parents may want to hold coats while we march, and have students wear them until we actually start marching. Please wear gloves, and make
sure any hat you wear will not blow off. Green accents of any sort are welcome. We will have our own √’greenest√“ contest. Feel free to decorate your instrument.

We will not march in the rain. Use these guidelines. If it is pouring at 11:15, with little chance of it stopping, do not even show up. If it is barely sprinkling and looks like it will clear up, we will probably try it. Check my website or call me if you are not sure. (Iåll be home watching the Weather Channel with my fingers crossed!) Woodwind players should bring a plastic grocery or trash bag to cover their instruments if there is any chance that it may start raining while we are marching. We will finish the parade once we start.

We will be done marching between 12:30 and 1:15. Parents are to meet students at the corner of Washington and 7th- the Horace Mann building-NOT the parking lot, and not the starting point. Make plans very clear to your child if they are to meet you somewhere else. I would prefer that they stay with me until you come to get them. Do not wait to meet your
child until the end of the parade- we will be done long before that. They will not be cold while marching, but will be while waiting for you. Please contact me ahead of time if your child needs a ride home.

Some parents have notified the school that they do not want their children used in newspaper or television stories. Please be aware that this is a public performance and that we have no control over news coverage.

As with any of our performances, the groupså success depends on good attendance. This performance is worth 20 points of the third quarter grade. Being at a parade is of particular importance since we have the lineup planned in advance, so do let me know immediately if you do have another essential event scheduled. If a last minute illness or emergency occurs, give me a call, and send a note with your child when they return to school.
Make-up work is required for an excused absence. Since this performance is at the very end of the third quarter, make sure that you hand in make-up work as soon as possible.

See you in GREEN on March 14!