Whoooooo's been practicing their word wall words at home?

Make some quick flashcards for your child using his team's word wall words and practice every week. Use index cards or cut up paper to make cards with. Stay consistent, and you'll have a SUPER READER on your hands! Red Team learns 3 words at a time, Yellow and Green Teams learn 5 words at a time.

Red Team Word Wall Words (Ryleigh, Gabriel, Trevor, Trey, Leland, Isaiah)

a, and, the

Yellow Team Word Wall Words (Lilly, Jermarion, Noah, Marcus, Jakob, Jazs)

is, up, see, have, the, I, a, there, can, on

Green Team Word Wall Words (Davonte)

thought, made, gave, ate, white, kind, find, hour, both, open, hold, cold, goes, buy, another, many, tell, front, why, climb

Butler School Focus

Butler Bobcats read with fluency and comprehension.

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