Whoooooo's been practicing their word wall words at home?

Remember to put any new flashcards I send home in your child's Word Wall Word (WWW) Baggie. Try to "flash them" every night. Stay consistent, and you'll have a SUPER READER on your hands! Red Team learns 1-2 words at a time, Yellow Team learns 5 words at a time.

Red Team Word Wall Words

(Nea, Tayshaun, Alyria, Elijah, Isaiah)

Check back - we'll be introducing word wall words soon.

Yellow Team Word Wall Words

(Alexiyana, Sherry, Amaya, Trey, Leland, Lilly, Jordyn)

Word wall word introduction will begin soon. Check back.

Butler School Focus

Butler Bobcats read with fluency and comprehension.

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