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Who's been practicing their word wall words at home?

Create flashcards for your child (on paper or you can purchase index cards at the Dollar Tree). Try to "flash them" every night. Stay consistent, and you'll have a SUPER READER on your hands! We try to introduce 2-3 new words every Monday so check back often.

Red Team Word Wall Words

(Kate, Jakoby, Morgan, David, Jaden)

PLEASE SEE YOUR CHILD'S AVID BINDER FOR FLASHCARDS. If you need a new list - let me know!

Green Team Word Wall Words

(Elijah, Tayshaun, Trey, Leland, Sherry, Amaya, Byron)

Please see your child's AVID Binder for flashcards. If you need new ones, please let me know.

Butler School Focus

Butler Bobcats read with fluency and comprehension.

Classroom Newsletter VS Class Dojo

News Feb 9 Parents - - - if you're looking around for newsletters, they have been MIA for awhile as I have been posting all...

Touring Butler's Garden!

Photos Sep 18 Not sure if you're aware but Butler Elementary School has two gardens; a raised bed garden in the...

Track your student's behavior with our Class Dojo!

News Sep 18 Some of you have already joined our Class Dojo and for that your child and I thank you! This is a proactive way to...

Room 103

Info Sep 2 This year we have 12 students. They are: 2 Kinders, 5 First Graders, and 5 Second Graders.

Field Trip 2016

Photos May 20 On Tuesday, May 17th our class visited Henson Robinson Zoo followed by a picnic at Center Park...

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