Whoooooo's been practicing their word wall words at home?

Create flashcards for your child (on paper or you can purchase index cards at the Dollar Tree). Try to "flash them" every night. Stay consistent, and you'll have a SUPER READER on your hands! We try to introduce 2-3 new words every Monday so check back often.

Red Team Word Wall Words

(Antonea, Tayshaun, Elijah, Isaiah, Trey, Oshea)

a, I, can, see, the, and, go, had, he, in, to, it, you, is, have, up, we, at, of, am, as, his, on, has, did, him, for, girl, all, but, look, with, her, what, was, said, that, down, do, little, be

Green Team Word Wall Words

(Alexiyana, Sherry, Amaya, Leland, Lilly, Jordyn)

look, big, got, have, what, there, said, was, down, if, help, then, of, just, because, its, ask, that, this, out, little, will, girl, jump, do, her, after, when, with, they, she, yes, all, were, ride, you, walk, make, well, over, them, or, be, green, take, some, going, day, every, could, sleep, don't, saw, blue, good, want, come

Butler School Focus

Butler Bobcats read with fluency and comprehension.

Field Trip 2016

Photos May 20 On Tuesday, May 17th our class visited Henson Robinson Zoo followed by a picnic at Center Park...

The Four Seasons

Videos May 2 In March, we made a video to remind us exactly what happens during all four seasons.

Field Trip

Photos Oct 3 On Friday, October 2nd, we took a walk to Springfield Fire House #7 and learned about fire safety...

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