Whoooooo's been practicing their word wall words at home?

Remember to put any new flashcards I send home in your child's Word Wall Word (WWW) Baggie. Try to "flash them" every night. Remember I will count WWW Flashcards on the reading log. Stay consistent, and you'll have a SUPER READER on your hands! Red Team learns 3 words at a time, Yellow and Green Teams learn 5 words at a time. [Note: Green Team does not receive flashcards.]

Red Team Word Wall Words (Ryleigh, Gabriel, Trevor, Trey, Leland, Isaiah)

a, and, the, go, had, he, I, see, has, you, we, of, in, am, at, to, as, have, is, it

Yellow Team Word Wall Words (Lilly, Jermarion, Noah, Marcus, Jakob, Jazs)

is, up, see, have, the, I, a, there, can, on, am, and, did, in, it, had, him, said, has, call, look, was, what, big, got, to, ask, of, as, he, his, just, down, if, its, red, help, then, six, get, that, this, for, out, jump little, went, will, when, girl, her, with, an, they, but

Green Team Word Wall Words (Davonte)

thought, made, gave, ate, white, kind, find, hour, both, open, hold, cold, goes, buy, another, many, tell, front, why, climb, only, live, off, through, carry, funny, learn, move, those, black (Note: "Green Team" currently pushes out for literacy so word wall work has stopped for now.)

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