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Dress Up!

Photos Sep 9 We will occasionally use our dress up buckets on cold or rainy Fridays. The kids have a blast and their conversations and giggling is hilarious!

Math Centers

Photos Sep 9 We practiced sorting, played math games on the IPad, learned a counting game and explored pattern blocks.

Pete the Cat

Photos Sep 9 Our classroom mascot is Pete the Cat and we have read several stories featuring his character. We took a tour of the school trying to find him after reading Rocking in My School Shoes and made a bu

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Photos Sep 9 We had a great time reading and comparing different versions of this story, acting it out, and making edible retellings. 


Photos Sep 9 Some of our daily centers include handwriting and math apps on the IPads, alphabet Bingo, making letter crafts, Legos and painting for fine motor exercise, journal writing, learning how to play boa

Friendship Salad

Photos Sep 9 We made a friendship salad of fruit cocktail (all the hardworking, kind kids) and mini marshmallows (the nice words we use with each other) but we all agreed to leave out the rotten banana (kids wh

Partner Reading

Photos Aug 26 We are learning how to read both privately and with a partner. The students put a book between them and share thoughts and ideas about each page. We look at the pictures to "read" the boo

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