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Weather Unit

Photos 5 days ago We are in the middle of a unit on weather and have learned so much about wind and tornadoes. We made wind snakes, tornadoe tubes, pinwheels and kites. Luckily we had several very windy days to try

Easter Fun

Photos Apr 8 We used plastic eggs to spin and read word families to earn stickers for bookmarks. We also played a sight word jelly bean Bingo game, colored eggs, had an egg hunt and played a Dental Health game

Black History

Photos Mar 28 We have learned about five African American heroes; Dr. Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Henry "Box" Brown, Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges. The kids learned so much and chose which p

Mr. Rick is our hero!

Photos Mar 28 Lots of the boys and girls like to pretend to be Mr. Rick, our amazing custodian. Here are a few of them with all the keys they need to take care of our school!

St. Patrick's Day

Photos Mar 19 Those mischievious leprechauns made a mess of our room over the weekend but we sure had fun learning about them and using the holiday as a theme for the week.

Children's Museum

Photos Mar 19 Our visit to the Illinois Chilren's Museum in Decatur was wonderful. Check out the cool exhibits!

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