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Welcome back to Math 2018!
Ask me what I am reading ?

"A Man Called Ove"

Mathematics Instructional Focus !

I can provide evidence to justify and communicate my thinking.
Put it in writing, explain it to a classmate, or draw a picture to prove it!

Do Your Work On Time : )

* Weekly lesson plans are posted in your kiddo's gradebook online. * Daily homework assignments will be projected in my classroom. * Ask Mr. Buerkett and/ or check the absent box for your handouts. * Ask a classmate for any notes. * Late grades are 50% credit *

Classroom Supplies

*3-ring binder with paper or a notebook
*ΒΌ inch grid graph paper
*GMS planner
* Texas Instrument Calculator - TI 30

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans Apr 14 Hello, lesson plans can be found on each student's cumulative folder. Please log on and check them out!

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