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Sandburg's Telephone Number: 787-3112

Please call or email me anytime with questions or to express your concerns. If you are worried about your child's academic or behavioral progress do not hesitate to talk to your classroom teacher and/or schedule a student support meeting. I welcome any information that will help me teach your child.

The image shows a ruler with an apple on it reading School Rules.
Resource Room Expectations

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Image is a digital badge for being a 1-1 teacher.
Image says Hour of Code 2017.

Click the link above to help me secure funding for additional literacy materials!

What do you know about digital citizenship?

Blog 2 hours ago Blog what you know about internet safety.

Digital Citizenship Week is October 15-19!

News 3 days ago Check out this great website that highlights the areas of Digital Citizenship.

What do you know about Columbus Day?

Blog Oct 5 Click the link http://www.softschools.com/facts/holidays/columbus_day_facts/152/  to read facts about Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day. In the blog below write something that you learned from the article. 

Can Money Buy Happiness?

News Sep 28 After reading an article from Choices Magazine by Scholastic (Donor's Choose funded project), the students wrote a response to this ages old question. Click to read their opinions.

Tonight Is Reading Night!

News Sep 27 Come have a blast at our camping themed reading night. We will have tons of fun and informative activities for the whole family! The event starts at 6:00! See you there!

Should Dog Fur Coats Be Against the Law?

Blog Sep 20 After reading the article, tell me what you think in the blog below!

Barnes and Noble Field Trip!

Photos Sep 14 Look at all the students who earned the Barnes and Noble field trip. Every student who filled out their reading calendar this summer got a new book! Great job, Sandburg Summer Readers!


Blog Sep 6 Read the poem about smiling. Write what you think it means in the blog below.

What do you know about Labor Day?

Blog Aug 29 We have a three day weekend coming up, but it is more than a Monday off. Labor Day has an interesting history that you may not know. After reading the linked article about Labor Day, write something that you learne

The First Day of School!

News Aug 20 We are all together again! I can't wait to hear how the summer went. Check out this website for fun Back to School facts!

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