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Master Facilities Planning Information

Sandburg's Telephone Number: 787-3112

Please call or email me anytime with questions or to express your concerns. If you are worried about your child's academic or behavioral progress do not hesitate to talk to your classroom teacher and/or schedule a student support meeting. I welcome any information that will help me teach your child.

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Resource Room Expectations

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Image is a digital badge for being a 1-1 teacher.
Image says Hour of Code 2017.

Click the link above to help me secure funding for additional literacy materials!

AVID Summer Institute

Photos Jun 18 WOW! What a professional development opportunity! The conference in Denver was rigorous and exciting. Check out the photo gallery.

AVID Summer Institute!

News Jun 11 Some of the Sandburg staff are attending the AVID Summer Institute this week in Denver, Colorado. I am so excited to begin this new learning. Check back for updates! See my Twitter account for more details! @SandburgBoyd

Keep Laughing

News May 29 Try this website for some funny jokes to make your entire family laugh.

Keep Learning Over the Summer!

News May 23 No Summer Slide for Sandburgers! Say that tongue twister three time fast! Check out this website for interesting ways to keep learning this summer.

Wacky Website for Kids!

News May 23 Are you bored already! If so, you may want to checkout this website that is for kids who like to learn about weird stuff.   

Acknowledge Someone!

Blog May 18 We learn from others and others learn from us. Tell about a skill you have learned from someone in the blog below. Don't forget to thank them for sharing their knowledge. For example, I can make homemade egg noodles because my grandma taught me. Thanks, Grandma!

Don't Be Bored This Summer!

News May 17 Check out this website with 101 fun things to do this summer.

Happy Mother's Day!

Blog May 10 Tell us why your mom is awesome!

Poetry Cafe

Blog May 4 Tell about your experience at Poetry Cafe.

Poetry Cafe Reopens May 3rd & 4th!

News May 1 Click to get a hint of some of the great poems you will hear.

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