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Master Facilities Planning Information

Sandburg's Telephone Number: 787-3112

Please call or email me anytime with questions or to express your concerns. If you are worried about your child's academic or behavioral progress do not hesitate to talk to your classroom teacher and/or schedule a student support meeting. I welcome any information that will help me teach your child.

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Resource Room Expectations

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Click the link above to help me secure funding for additional literacy materials!

Try the Parent Toolkit!

News Sep 10 Try this handy link to learn more about a variety of subjects that will help your children!  

A Camping We Will Go!

News Sep 4 Are you ready for Camp Sandburg's Reading Night? It's coming soon! Mark your calendars now for a night of fun on September 19, 2019! Check out this video for a camping song to get the kids excited about reading night.

Homework Help!

News Aug 30 Next week is the third week of school! The school year is really going fast....

Every Child Can Have A Great School Year!

News Aug 23 Congratulations! Your child or children made it through the first week of school! Are you wondering how to keep all this postive enegry going through out the school year? Click on this link to read some suggestions to help parents ensure their chi

Back to School Butterflies?

News Aug 16 If your children are starting to feel a bit worried about the first day of school, Scholastic News has the perfect article for you! Click to read Dealing With Back to School

Tips for Back to School!

News Aug 4 It's time to get the students ready for school!  Check out this informative article for ideas to ease your kids back into the school routine. https://www.pinerest.org/easing-kids-back-to-school-concerns-blo

It is SO easy to Avoid Boredom!

News Jun 3 Summer is always exciting at first, but after a few weeks life can get "stale". Before you play another video game or watch another TV show, check out the link below for new ideas. Get your friends together and try something new! 3

It's Been A Great Year!

News Jun 3 We have done so many fun and interesting things at Sandburg this year. Click on the links below to see the students' Top Ten Sandburg Event lists. Kendrick

He Who Laughs Last...

News May 28 Practicing fluency with jokes. It's end of the year fun for everyone. Click to the links below to see the students' jokes.  Justin

Stay Active This Summer.

Blog May 20 It is important for your health and happiness to keep busy during the summer. Read the article at the link below. Blog about some ideas that sound fun to you. You may include any ideas of your own in the blog, as well. Do NOT write about playing video games.  

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