Specials Schedule

Monday- Art 1:15-2:15
Tuesday- Music 2:45-3:15
Wednesday- PE 1:45-2:15
Thursday- Library TBD
Friday- Music 2:15-2:45 & PE 2:45-3:15

Ackerman Farm visitors!

Photos 2 days ago John and Jim Ackerman from Ackerman Farms came to visit the 5th grade because the Butler Garden...

Math Review!

Photos Nov 16 Topic partners paired up with Topic partners to join heads in reviewing Topic 5 on division!

Veterans Day Tribute!

Videos Nov 10 We enjoyed reading about Veterans Day, writing letters to Veterans, and honoring the Veterans in our families. We thank you for your service.

Butler Garden Time!

Photos Oct 20 We've learned about the heirloom Dickinson pumpkins growing in the Butler Garden. Mrs....

Carve for the Carillon

Photos Oct 13 We researched pumpkins facts (learning how to read a digital source and take brief notes), planned...

Revising our Narratives

Photos Oct 6 The kids have learned how to craft a meaningful narrative. Now we're ready to revise. We're looking at how to elaborate more, create a better lead, make a meaningful ending, and more.

Impact of geography on 13 colonies?

Photos Oct 6 After reading and studying the land and climates of the 13 original colonies we held discussion groups.

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