Specials Schedule 2014-2015

Monday- 2:15-2:45 PE
Tuesday- 2:15-2:45 Music
Wednesday- 1:15-2:15 Art
Thursday- Library
Friday- 2:15-2:45 Music
2:45-3:15 PE

September 11, 2014

Photos 3 days ago The kids read a variety of informative text about 9-11....

Working Together

Photos 3 days ago The kids enjoy choosing places to work together.

Would you rather . . .

Blog Sep 7 Would you have rather lived in the Jamestown Colony or with the Puritans in the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Why? Only comments with correct capitalization, complete sentences, and punctuation will be approved…. do YOUR best please!

Windy City Players are here next week!!!!

News Sep 7 Thanks to the Butler PTO for sponsoring the Windy City Players here at Butler. I'm thrilled the kids get a chance to see live theater!

GOTR --Girls On The Run

News Sep 7 The awesome program Girls On the Run begins this week. Girls will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Girl power!!!

Save Fred!!!

Photos Aug 27 The kids worked collaboratively to save Fred, the worm! He had capsized his boat and needed to get...

My Genre is . . .

Blog Aug 26 We have had the chance to identify a variety of book genres. Reflect on yourself as a reader. What genre do you like the most and why?

Would you like homework reminders each night?

News Aug 26 Hey Parents & Guardians- Are you looking for a way to know each day’s homework and other important announcements...

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