Specials Schedule 2014-2015

Monday- 2:15-2:45 PE
Tuesday- 2:15-2:45 Music
Wednesday- 1:15-2:15 Art
Thursday- 2:15-2:45 (every other)
Friday- 2:15-2:45 Music
2:45-3:15 PE

The NYPD Responded!

Photos 2 days ago After studying about 9-11, each group of kids chose an activity to share their learning as well as...

It's Red Ribbon Week!

News 2 days ago We are using a cool website called "Answer Garden" to learn more about drugs, the reasons people choose drugs, other...

Publication Party!!!

Photos Oct 14 The kids wrote and then revised their personal narratives. Then we had a publication party....

The Fall Festival is Coming!

News Oct 11 Fall is here and it's time for the Fall Festival at Butler! I'll see you on the playground on Saturday, October 18th

Proud Bobcats!

Photos Sep 30 The kids were proud of the work they created!

Sharing Feedback and Working Together

Photos Sep 30 Each group shared feedback with the other groups on what they did well on their maps and what would...

Engaged with Collaborative Groups

Photos Sep 30 The kids were put into groups to create a map of the 13 Colonies. Each group member was responsible for researching and writing about their region (Northern, Middle, and Southern).

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