The Scientific Method!

We had a great time using the scientific method to complete our Rocks and Minerals Lab.

Halls of History

The kids made quite an impression on the other students at Butler. Great work portraying an historical figure!

End of the Year Field Trip

News Yesterday In order to attend the 5th Grade End of the Year Field trip students must meet all the requirements....

Report Cards Issued

News Apr 1 Report Cards were just issued. Please look these over with your child. Then, sign the last page and have your child return it to school. I just need to know that all parents saw them. If you are interested in having a conference, please contact me. 525-3201

Spring Pictures

News Apr 1 The class will have Spring Pictures on Friday, April 11th

Spring Break!

News Apr 1 Our Spring Break is coming soon. Students will be dismissed on Friday, April 11th at 2:30. School will be out the whole next week and resume on Monday, April 21st.

Lincoln's Home and Museum

Photos Apr 1 What a perfect way to end to our unit on the Civil War.

Pi Day and Pie Day

Photos Mar 14 We celebrated 3.14. . . . with measuring of circles, making t-shirts, pi fact-finding, a pi memorization contest, singing happy pi-day at 1:59, and homemade PIE!

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