Specials Schedule

Monday- Art 1:15-2:15
Tuesday- Music 2:45-3:15
Wednesday- PE 1:45-2:15
Thursday- Library TBD
Friday- Music 2:15-2:45 & PE 2:45-3:15

Chemical Changes Labs

Photos Apr 24 After studying about chemical changes we created a few!  The kids are getting to be experts on the Scientific method and applying Science ideas to the labs as well.  

PI DAY!!!!!

Photos Mar 14 We celebrated the irrational numbe pi on March, 14!  The kids measured a variety of circles, looked up pi facts, participated in a pi memorization contest, and ate pie, of course!  

College Responses!

Photos Mar 8 We wrote our letters to college presidents and now some have responded.  Kids have received letters and others items connected to the school they researched. 

Persuasive Writing Debate!

Photos Mar 2 The kids wrote argument based essays on whether or not kids should be paid for chores.  After creating persusive introductions, elaborated reasons, convincing conclusions, and swaying tit

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