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1/26: Winter Dance Party (6:30-8:00 pm)

1/31: The 100th Day of School

2/3: PTO Auction

2/14: Spring Pictures

2/19: No School, Presidents' Day


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We have 20 students.

Word Wall Words - MP1

a, the, and, go, had, he, I, can, see

Word Wall Words - MP2

has, you, we, my, play, like, of, in, am, at, to, as, have, is, it, went

Word Wall Words - MP3

him, his, on, did, girl, not, come, here, put, how, for, but, up, all, look, with, her, what, was, said, that, because, down, they, some, boy, out, do, little, when, then, be, she

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Scholastic Book Ordering

You can order online at orders.scholastic.com/GTLTM. Our class code is GTLTM.

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Day 91 Partner Reading

Photos 2 days ago I LOVE these photos of the children engaged with books! They are doing a great job reading with partners during our reading workshop.

Day 82 Holiday Party

Photos Jan 2 We had so much fun at our holiday party! Thanks to all of the parents who made it possible!

Day 80 Gingerbread Men

Photos Dec 19 We rolled gingerbread dough, cut out gingerbread men, and took them to the cafeteria to bake. Our gingerbread men ran away in the afternoon, and we had to follow clues to find them! We enjoyed usin

Day 50 Reading Buddies

Photos Nov 3 We read with our 5th grade reading buddies today!

Day 48 Reading Workshop

Photos Oct 31 We are using our super powers to be Super Readers! We use pointer power, picture power, snap word power, and sound power to read our books.

Day 37 Reading Workshop

Photos Oct 13 We were able to put our new books from a grant through the Springfield Public Schools Foundation to good use today. The children were excited to look through our new "learn-about-the

Day 11 Writing Workshop

Photos Sep 8 We are writers!

Day 8 Reading Workshop

Photos Sep 8 We are learning about the world through reading. 

Day 4 Reading Workshop

Photos Aug 24 After enjoying some private reading time, the children did a fabulous job reading with a partner.

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