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My Teaching Schedule 2018/19

1 Advanced German 235

2 Honors German 336

3 Honors German 436

4 Advanced German 135

5 Advanced German 135

6 Advanced Placement German 437

7 Advanced German 235

Can-Do Statements for World Languages

Here students can view the official performance indicators for learning a world language against which they can measure their individual communication skills and language proficiency. 

World Readiness Standards

Here students can view the official World Readiness Standards for learning a world language. 


Photos Sep 29 German 4 students doing run and dictation game for one part of the short story "Loreley".

Wie geht's dir heute?

Photos Sep 29 German 1 students showing how they feel today.

Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit

Photos Sep 29 AP German students celebrating Oktoberfest with swaying to and singing Bavarian songs, playing 1-2-3-Juchhe and Mau Mau, and dancing the Schuhplattler.

O'zapft is!

Photos Sep 29 German 4 students celbrating Oktoberfest with swaying to and singing Bavarian songs, dancing the "Schuhplattler" and playing "Mau Mau".

Wer das ABC gelernt

Photos Sep 16 German 1 students practicing the letters of the alphabet pretending they are at the eye doctor.

Erster Schultag (First Day of School)

Photos Aug 26 German 1 student proudly showing their Zuckertüten (candy cones) for the first day of school in German. It has been a long tradion in Germany that first graders get a huge candy cone from thei

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