2016 3rd Grade School Supplies

** Label with child’s name or initials

*2” AVID Binder ( highly recommended to buy 2 binders- cheaper at back to school sales and will need to replace when old one is worn out)
*1 package of plastic 8 tab sheet dividers with pockets for binder
*Hole punch protector stickers (no hole puncher!!!)
*Earbuds (for center activities)
*4 packages of loose-leaf notebook paper (WIDE RULED)
*3 ring pencil pouch to go into binder
*1 hard pencil case (to hold crayons, scissors, glue, colored pencils, etc)
*Crayons and colored pencils (NOT LARGE BOXES)
*Glue sticks
*Pencils (Plain Only)
*Large eraser
*1 package of pencil top erasers
*Pencil sharpener with LID
*2 packages of dry erase markers
*1 ream of white copy paper
*3 large boxes of tissue
*Large Hand Sanitizer
*Disinfecting wipes
*Ziploc bags: Gallon
*Ziploc bags: Quart
*Tennis shoes (for P.E.)


News Aug 20 Now that the class lists are available, please sign up for Remind....

School Supplies for 2016/2017

News Jul 17 Have you starting seeing school supplies in stores? It's definitely time to start gearing up for Back to School. If you need a copy of the school supply list, I have included it on the right hand column of the home page. ;-)

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