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Welcome to Ms. Sullivan's page. This is currently under construction. Check back later for updates.

Typing | Enrichment

Upper Primary Lesson Plans 6 days ago Review homerow position and proper finger technique. Assign Typing Practice Stage 1 - 3 : Assign 25-30 minutes or until done.

Intermediate Lesson Plans 7 days ago Budget Spreadsheet with Chart | Enrichment Students create a Budget Spreadsheet and chart with clothing items. Assign:

More Google Classroom

Intermediate Lesson Plans 7 days ago This week we will work on adding items to a classroom assignment.

Week 4

Primary Lesson Plans Sep 7 Students review typing skills using one or more of the following: Keyboard Zoo, Type Rocket Jr., Keyboard Climber 2. Students type about 20-25 minutes.

Google Classroom

Upper Primary Lesson Plans Sep 7 Continuing to work with Google Classroom and a graphic organizer on Google Docs

Week 3 - Continued Typing Practice

Intermediate Lesson Plans Sep 6 Typing | Enrichment Review of Typing Stage 1: Demonstrate how to use Dance Mat Typing stage one, level one ( ASDF,JKL; and G, H ). Review

Logging On

Primary Lesson Plans Aug 30 In Technology we use PC's. The first week was focusing on logging on/signing in and signing out. It is important that students recognize that we must start and stop our computers the correct wa

Beginning Mouse and Typing Skills Development

Primary Lesson Plans Aug 30 One focus of technology is to introduce and improve beginning mouse and keyboarding skills using free educational online resources. The selected learning games target math and reading skills.

Google Login

Upper Primary Lesson Plans Aug 30 Log in to Google accounts Learn navigating and basics of Google Drive. Create a Google Doc.

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