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Early Learning Center Expectations

I am safe.
I am kind.
I am listening to teachers.
I am doing my job,
so I can learn.

Luke the Learning Lion
Our Instructional Focus

"Hand in hand, we learn new words together."

January 15 - 19

News 2 days ago Highlights for this Week: Topic of Study: Winter Focus Book: “Inside Outside Upside Down” (BIG words: town, upside down, right side up)   Little Book: “Squares”  Bucket

January 8 - 12

News Jan 7 Happy New Year!     I hope you enjoyed your winter break and are ready to get back on schedule....

December 18 - 21

News Dec 16     Have you been noticing the gingerbread shape papers your child is bringing home....

December 11 - 15

News Dec 9 Our room was filled with music last week as children played desk bells, a xylophone, and chimes....

December 4 - 8

News Dec 3 Hello Families,     We observed many acts of kindness last week and are looking forward to seeing...

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