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Early Learning Center Expectations

I am safe.
I am kind.
I am listening to teachers.
I am doing my job,
so I can learn.

Luke the Learning Lion
Our Instructional Focus

"Hand in hand, we learn new words together."

March 12 - 16

News Mar 11 This week we will learn about various dances around the world and begin practicing dances to prepare for Jim Gill’s visit in a few weeks. www.jimgill.com The children will watercolor fans to represent Korean dance fans and make African necklac

March 5 - 9

News Mar 5     This week, we will continue our study of people around the world....

February 26 - March 2

News Feb 25 This week, we will begin our study of people around the world....

February 20 - 23

News Feb 20 Dear Families,     Thank you to all for coming to parent / teacher conferences! If you were unable to...

February 12 - 16

News Feb 11 We’re looking forward to meeting with each of you on Thursday or Friday for parent / teacher conferences...

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