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Early Learning Center Expectations

I am safe.
I am kind.
I am listening to teachers.
I am doing my job,
so I can learn.

Luke the Learning Lion
Our Instructional Focus

"Hand in hand, we learn new words together."

September 24 - 28

News 2 days ago Dear Families,     During our first four weeks of school, we focused on learning school expectations for the various places in our school. We used the “ELC Passport” given to us by our principals and added stickers to each page as we l

September 17 - 21

News Sep 16 Dear Families,     We have been singing songs during snack time to learn the names of our classmates. While your child may still be involved in “parallel play” at school, which is perfectly normal for the beginning of the school year,

September 10 - 14

News Sep 8 Three days the first week, four days the second week, and now we’re gearing up for our first five-day week. Make sure you follow bedtime routines and your child gets plenty of sleep. Now that school is in full swing, you might find that your child needs to go to bed

September 3 - 7

News Sep 2     We are off to a great start this year! During these first few weeks, we are focusing on learning all...

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