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Early Learning Center Expectations

I am safe.
I am kind.
I am listening to teachers.
I am doing my job,
so I can learn.

Luke the Learning Lion
Our Instructional Focus

"Hand in hand, we learn new words together."

September 16 - 20

News 2 days ago     We have been using our name tags during snack time to learn the names of classmates and letters in our names. Here is a list of students in your child’s class, so you can ask who he/she plays with at school: AM:  PM: 

September 9 - 13

News Sep 7 Has your child been talking about “jobs” at school? On Monday, Principal Jackson and Principal Kevi will talk to our students about jobs at the ELC. Principals, teachers, secretaries, cooks, nurses, custodians, bus drivers, and students all have jobs to do at s

September 3 - 7

News Sep 1     We had a great first 3 days of school! The children are learning routines and procedures for hanging up backpacks, washing hands, working in learning centers, playing on playgrounds, using the restroom, cleaning up after snack time, and more. They are l

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