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September 16 - 20

6 days ago     We have been using our name tags during snack time to learn the names of classmates and letters in our names. Here is a list of students in your child’s class, so you can ask who he/she plays with at school: AM:  PM:     We noticed that many of our friends (especially afternoon friends) were very tired on Thursday and Friday this week. I know it was hot outside, which probably contributed to some of the fatigue. READ MORE

September 9 - 13

Sep 7, 2019 Has your child been talking about “jobs” at school? On Monday, Principal Jackson and Principal Kevi will talk to our students about jobs at the ELC. Principals, teachers, secretaries, cooks, nurses, custodians, bus drivers, and students all have jobs to do at school. READ MORE

September 3 - 7

Sep 1, 2019     We had a great first 3 days of school! The children are learning routines and procedures for hanging up backpacks, washing hands, working in learning centers, playing on playgrounds, using the restroom, cleaning up after snack time, and more. They are learning to check our picture schedule to see what to do and what is coming next. We will continue working on our routines and procedures for the next few weeks. READ MORE

May 27 - 31

May 24, 2019 We’ve worked with your flower, And helped it to grow. We’re returning it now, But we want you to know -  This flower is precious,  As dear as can be.  Love it, take care of it, And you will see - A bright new bloom, With every day. It grew and blossomed In such a wonderful way. In September just a bud, January, a bloom; Now a lovely blossom We’re returning in May. READ MORE

May 20 - 24

May 19, 2019     Thanks for coming to Big Truck Day! We hope you enjoyed seeing all the trucks, climbing inside, talking to the workers about their jobs, and having an ice cream treat.      Warmer weather has arrived. Please remember to have your child wear safe shoes to school. Toes need to be covered and protected - no open-toed sandals.     If you have clothes at home that were borrowed from school, please return them this week. READ MORE

May 13 - 17

May 11, 2019     We have had a busy and fun-filled week! On Monday, a volunteer from PNC Bank visited each of our classes and read a book about being kind. We talked about ways we can show kindness to friends at the ELC. The children also brainstormed ways to show kindness to Mom and Grandma Sunday and every day. READ MORE

May 6 - 10

May 4, 2019     We have 8 butterflies! The children were excited to see that all 8 butterflies had emerged from their chrysalides on Friday! We will draw and write about the butterflies in journals on Monday and plan to release them into the courtyard garden on Tuesday (weather permitting). READ MORE

April 29 - May 3

Apr 28, 2019     Our caterpillars have been eating and growing! On Friday afternoon, 5 chrysalides were hanging, 3 caterpillars in the chrysalis stage had either fallen to the bottom of the cups or had entered the chrysalis stage while on the bottom of the cup, and one caterpillar was still crawling inside the cup. READ MORE

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