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6th Grade Advisory

All 6th Graders will have an Advisory class every other day.  In Advisory, we will learn how to keep ourselves organized, check grades, strengthen research, reading and writing skills to support core class learning, and complete a culminating project that will involve a presentation second semester. Be sure to have your binder and supplies on the first day of school as we will dig in right away!


News 3 days ago   Today’s Science Activity:     1st/2nd Hour:  We went over our page 119 notes and the quiz review, then we took the Lesson 6 quiz. We then reviewed some websites about how humans are affecting the wor

Climate Change Activities

News 3 days ago Please watch the BrainPOP link and try the review quiz. https://www.brainpop.com/science/earthsystem/climatechange/ Go to this website and watch the video about threats to rainforests.


News 4 days ago   Today’s Science Activity:     1st/2nd Hour:  We started class by playing 3 review games on Quia.  I stamped and we reviewed the reflection questions on page 116.  Students worked with a par

Quia Review Games

News 4 days ago https://www.quia.com/rr/791521.html https://www.quia.com/mc/833112.html https://www.quia.com/mc/938095.html


News 5 days ago   Today’s Science Activity:     1st/2nd Hour:  We checked finished Investigation 6.2- Predation.  It is an owl-mouse simulation game.  We reviewed the data on our data sheets, looked at a gra

Ecosystems Investigation 6.2 Owl/Mouse Game

Photos 5 days ago We looked at the predator=prey relationship today by playing a game.


News 6 days ago   Today’s Science Activity:     1st/2nd Hour:  We checked our quiz scores for the Lesson 5 quiz and were able to see correct answers for questions we missed.  We worked on Investigation 6.2- Preda

Science Final Exam

News 6 days ago We will be taking our Ecosystems final exam on Friday, May 24....


News 7 days ago   Today’s Science Activity:     1st/2nd Hour:  We watched a BrainPOP video called “Symbiosis”  and I checked page 115.   We shared our concept maps on page 115 of our NB&rsqu


News May 13   Today’s Science Activity:     1st/2nd Hour:   We reviewed our organism pairs from Friday, then read TB pages 139-141 about how animals interact with each other and created a concept map on page 115 o

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