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Study Island

Click on Study Island to work on your assignments!

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Chromebook 1:1 Classroom

We are a Chromebook 1:1 classroom this year.  I am so excited to be able to implement many new learning apps in our class.

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United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Click on this link to take the Citizenship Test and see how well you do.


Conceptual Teaching Units

This year we are teaching history in a conceptual manner.  Some of our topices are Expansion, Culture, Religion, Power, and Interdependence.  It is so exciting to see all of the learning taking place and the energy in the classroom.

Typing 101

Resources Oct 26 We are beginning to work on keyboarding in Pre-Avid.  It is a skill everyone needs in life!  Practice, practice, practice!

Ancient Egypt Timeline info and Practice

Info Aug 27 The civilization of ancient Egypt lasted for over three thousand years. During this time there were many changes in terms of what the ancient Egyptians believed in, and how they lived their lives.

Timelines Explained

Info Aug 27 Timelines are explained in 5 minutes or less.  If you ever wondered what the letters--BC, BCE, AD, CE--stand for, you can find out by watching this video.

Timeline Practice

Info Aug 27 This is a great website to learn historical events while learning about timelines. Step 1.) Choose preferences for game play Step 2.) Enter number of players and names Step

Parents Can Now Text Me!

Info Aug 18 Texting is an easy and convenient way to be able to contact people in today's tech savy world.  If you would like to reach me and are unable to e-mail me, you may now text me at (765)

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