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Otzi AnswerGarden

Type in your top answer and hit submit!  If you agree on an answer already there—you may type that in.  Try to think of different answers if they could be right!  The more people that agree—the bigger the word gets!  

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Welcome to Grant!

Welcome to sixth grade history! Please make sure your student has supplies ready by the end of the week!  They are to come to class with a binder containing a History tab/folder just for our work!  Pencils, paper, and pens are expected on a daily basis!  Pencil pouches work great to keep everything organized! History books wil stay in the classroom and can be checked out as needed for homework.  I'm excited to get going!  First topic—GEOGRAPHY!  

Camp Cilca Field Trip Contract- Due in January

All 6th grade students will be given a field trip opportunity to attend the Camp Cilca.  A contract will be given soon! If any student is interested in ATTENDING camp May 3-5th, you must turn in the contract to your History teacher before the end of Jan.! If you fail to turn this contract in, have poor grades, or bad behavior, you will not be considered for camp in May! Even if you are undecided, turn in the contract—you cannot change your mind in May. Camp is a three day overnight trip, a great learning experience, and awesome treat for all sixth graders! Just ask around.....7th and 8th graders will confirm the amount of fun you will have at camp! Remember this is just the contract, not the money, so don't be left out! See Mrs. Griminger-Rm 112, if you have questions!

Sent to the Safe Seat or Buddy Room?...You need to Process!

You can PROCESS with Mrs. Griminger:

O Before school
O Before bell starting class
O After bell ending class
O After school
O C lunch

Remember this is needed before you return to class seat!

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Check supplies! Students are borrowing pencils like crazy!
Current History Topic!

6th graders- Egypt

Enjoy Winter Break!

News Dec 20 Thank you to all the families that have worked so hard to make 1st semester so successful....

Early Humans Test next Tues-19th!!

News Dec 14 This will be your last chance to raise or maintain your current history grade!  Test will be 40 points and...

Top 200 song list...

Resources Dec 13 Use these song titles to help you come up with end of unit song list for Early Humans.  Be able to tell why you picked this song and how it relates! 


Resources Dec 11 Join my class BRVH25. Then use your login and password (username used to check grades, lunchpin/intitials

Otzi Slideshow Projects!

News Nov 21 Students have been working hard researching Otzi the Iceman.  Slideshows have been made showcasing our learning!  Ask to see the hard work!  They look great!  They are due before Thanksgiving break!  

Parent Teacher Conferences!

News Oct 24 Please join us!  P/T conferences Thursday from 5-8pm and Friday 8-3pm.  No appt.  Just come and tour the gym and meet with each teacher.  Plan on 50-60 min.  

Early Civilizations- 5 min. video!

Resources Oct 4 Watch and answer the questions....

Test grades are in!

News Sep 27 Check your student's cumulative folder to see how they did on our Geography test....

Geography Test Tues!

News Sep 25 We will wrap up our geography unit on Tuesday!  Please look at your continents and oceans, as well as the...

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