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Earning Marbles and Rewards!

Our class celebrated earning their first 25 marbles.! They had a chocolate milk and cookie party on Friday September 13. We're on our way to earnng 50 marbles. Music class has been the  Specials class where we've earnd the most marbles. we've had some difficulty in art and P.E. with listening and keeping our hands to ourselves. I've told the students that if they can earn complements in the hallway and in Music, I know we can earn them in the other Specials too! 

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This year our classroom theme is "Under the Big Top."  We have a Circus theme and we're earning tickets to visit the Golden Treasure Box on  Friday afternoons. Depending on the number of tickets earned throughout the week,the student may come to the Golden Treasure Box and choose one or two prizes. Some students have chosen to save up tickets for the whole month of September. On September 29, the students that have saved for the month, will be able to turn in all tickets in for a BONUS prize. I'm proud of the hard work and postive behaviors that I'm seeing!  

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