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First Grade Word Wall Words for Third Period

Parents please practice our Word Wall Words for 3rd Period!  We want to make sure our students are ready for the end of the year testing!

Moby Max

Our class is learning to use Moby Max to increase our reading skills. You can access this website at home also! Just click on the Moby Max link (title), go to "as a student", and enter your student's first name and as their Username and Password. Have fun learning together!

Reading Strategies

Parents! We have been working to improve our reading skills! You can help your child by using these reading strategies as you are listening to your child read. These strategies help young readers, especially when they come to a word they do not know. We use these strategies in class, so students should be familiar with them!
Happy reading together!

The Alphabetic Principal

Children's knowledge of letter names and shapes is a strong predictor of their success in learning to read. Knowing letter names is strongly related to children's ability to remember the forms of written words and their ability to treat words as sequences of letters. Parents, please help to increase your child's reading skills and strategies by making sure they practice their letter sounds each night....especially those in the beginning stages of reading!