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2019 - 2020

Syllabi 2019-2020



(English as a Second Language/English Language Learners)

2019-2020 Teacher: Irena Sorrells    

Contact hours: 8:00-8:15 a.m., 3:17-3:45 p.m.                     Room: 360   

Classroom Phone # 217-525-3100


Hampton-Brown EDGE (Level 1- Beginning, Level 2 - Developing, and Level 3 - Intermediate levels); Reading, Writing & Language for High School

Genre Focus: Short stories: Character, Plot, Setting, Narrator’s Point of View, Non-fiction: Text Structures and Features

Reading Strategy: Plan and Monitor, Ask Questions, Make Inferences, Determine Importance

Grammar: Subjects-Predicates, Subject-Verb Agreement, Present, Past and Future Tense, Objects of the Verb, Object Pronouns, Possessive Words, Prepositions, Pronoun Agreement

Writing: Paragraph and Essay format development

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  ESL classes will introduce students to the English language and literature focusing on the four basic communication skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Students will be provided with a research-based instruction that teaches a basic understanding of the English culture, vocabulary, and grammatical concepts. The program is aligned to the Common Core Standards and the WIDA standards.   

Course objectives: Use the English language to communicate orally/written in the classroom setting as well as in the real world setting; learn and understand the English speaking cultures.

Course requirements:

1.  Complete and turn in all assignments on time.

2.  Spell and be able to use academic vocabulary words in a sentence.

3.  Come prepared (with completed homework and materials) and participate in class.


-  If you were absent, it is your responsibility to collect the assignments you missed.

-  For late work w/o an excused absence you will lose 10% of your grade.

- You will have to make up tests after consulting with a teacher on a makeup date.

Class Expectations:

1.  Positive attitude!

2.  One person talking at a time!

3.  Earn your grade - it will not be “given”

4. Let’s learn and have fun together!

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