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Science Fair Manual

Science Fair Policy and Procedure Manual - The official resource for your Science Fair project.

Science Fair Resources

Gifted classes will begin working on Science Fair in September. Please check the Science Fair resources listed in the resource section of my web page. Refer to the IJAS manual to help guide you through the project process. Much of the work will be done in class, however, the student is ultimately responsible for completing the project by FEBRUARY 12th!!

Regional Science Fair Information for March 24!

News 3 days ago Regional information from Sue Henry When you check in, you will need to turn in 1 abstract per project. Students will not need an extra copy of their paper to turn in. After awards, you will need to give me a Yes or No

Last Week of PARCC- Lesson plans

News 3 days ago For the testing days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, only 4th hours will be in class. We will be doing some creative STEM activites to enhance ideas we already know. On days we aren't testing, we will continue investigating animal adaptations in chapter 6.


News Mar 12 PLEASE VISIT THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE FOR IMSA OPPORTUNITIES IN SPRINGFIELD THIS SUMMER! https://www.imsa.edu/extensionprograms/summer_at_imsa

PARCC Testing schedule for 3/12 to 3/16

News Mar 10 Monday: 1st and 6th hours will continue with STEM activities Tuesday: 2nd and 5th hours will begin STEM activitites with labs and building Wednesday: Wednesday schedule and all classes will meet- Begin 6-1 work Thursday: 2nd and 5th hours will begin STEM activit

PARCC Testing lesson plans for 3/6 to 3/9- All classes.

News Mar 2 This week I will only see first and sixth hours on Tuesday and Thursday....

LOCAL SCIENCE FAIR AT FMS - Wednesday from 6-7 in the library

News Feb 25 Please come visit our local fair on Wednesday evening. The judge's rubric will be there as well as your ribbon that...

Gifted Classes - Weather Essay Test on Thursday

News Feb 25 Students have been creating national weather maps and daily station models for a week....

You are the meteorologist! Track the weather and make your prediction!

News Feb 25 Students in all classes are tracking the national weather with maps and station models....

Local Science Fair - February 28th from 6-7 at FMS!

News Feb 19 All students are encouraged to attend the Local Science Fair on February 28th at FMS. We will showcase 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student projects throughout the building. Come see the amazing ingenuity of our students and celebrate their accomplishments! 

1st, 2nd, and 5th Hours: Weather project and test

News Feb 19 Students will begin tracking the weather for the U.S. on daily weather maps....

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