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Carolina Science Online Textbook

The current online text book can be accessed at the following website:


Username: Lunch pin

Password: carolina (lower case)

IMSA Homepage

IMSA Fusion and High School

Science Fair Manual

Science Fair Policy and Procedure Manual - The official resource for your Science Fair project.

Science Fair Resources

Gifted classes will begin working on Science Fair in September. Please check the Science Fair resources listed in the resource section of my web page. Refer to the IJAS manual to help guide you through the project process. Much of the work will be done in class, however, the student is ultimately responsible for completing the project by FEBRUARY 12th!!

Science Fair 12/14 - References Page

News 6 days ago Since last week's labs took addiitional time, we will spend this week working on the reference page of your science fair project. 

New Unit: Electricity, Waves, and Information Transfer

News 6 days ago Your new textbook can be accessed by the purple Carolina Science Tab on my website. Use your lunch pin as the username and carolina as the password. 

Science Fair for the week of 12/7: Rough draft due and References page

News Dec 2 First, your rough draft of Review of Literature is due on the 7th....

Electricity Unit Begins 12/3

News Dec 2 We will begin the electricity unit on Monday. Each student has access to the new text by using the Carolina Science website. Click on the purple link on my website to get to Carolina's website. Your lunch pin is your user name and the password is "carolina".

Science Fair for week of 11/26

News Nov 25 This is the last week that we will use class time for Review of Literature....

All Classes - District assessment for weather unit

News Nov 25 Each class wil be taking the district assessment for weather unit. We will review some of the main ideas on Tuesday with the test being assigned on Edulastic on Wednesday. Review your science notebook for some key point reminders. 


News Nov 18 Gifted students will be presenting their small group projects on climates and climate change. The rest of the week will be dedicated to working on the Review of Literature. YOU MUST HAVE A 3 PAGE ROUGH DRAFT READY TO TURN IN BY 12/7!

Animal adaptation and climate change

News Nov 18 Students in hours 3 and 6 will continue working on their animal adaptation projects and extend that knowledge into the effect of climate change. This work will be done in class. 

Science Fair Update for week of 11/15--- ROUGH DRAFT DUE 12/7

News Nov 12 This week will be focused on climate change. Students will be busy working on a short, in-class project....

Climate Change Project for 1st, 2nd, and 5th Hours

News Nov 12 Students in the gifted classes will work in groups to define a climate, animal adaptations, and the impact of climate...

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