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Science Fair Manual

Science Fair Policy and Procedure Manual - The official resource for your Science Fair project.

Science Fair Resources

Gifted classes will begin working on Science Fair in September. Please check the Science Fair resources listed in the resource section of my web page. Refer to the IJAS manual to help guide you through the project process. Much of the work will be done in class, however, the student is ultimately responsible for completing the project by FEBRUARY 12th!!

Science Fair Update - Please read!

News 3 days ago Students were given instructions on creating graphs for their science fair project....

3rd and 6th Hours - Atmospheric Layers

News 3 days ago Classes in 3rd and 6th hour will be creating a foldable representing each layer of the atmosphere. We will also be applying math skills to graph temperature for each layer and analyzing the data to see the patterns presented by nature. 

Gifted Classes: Atmosphere Chapter 4

News 3 days ago Students will be investigating atmospheric layers with a STEM activity and graphing lab this week....

All Classes! Chapter 4 -Atmosphere

News Jan 6 We will begin a new unit on atmosphere this week. Beginning with an investigation into the layers of the atmosphere and...

A Week for Science Fair! Reference Page and the Board

News Jan 6 Due to last week's wind chill day off, we will spend a few extra days working on science fair this week....

Science Fair References Page on 1/8

News Jan 2 We will spend the following Monday working on the References page for science fair projects....

Rev of Lit have been edited on Google Classroom- Get those corrections done!

News Jan 2 Please check your assignment on Google Classroom for comments about your Review of Litrerature....


News Dec 13 Just a quick reminder that your reivew of lit rough draft is due on Friday by midnight. There must be three complete, cited pages to earn the points. Any less and you won't get credit. 

Schedule for the rest of the semester- Gifted Classes

News Dec 10 This week we will finish chapter 18 with notes and a exciting small group activity; Biome Crash! Students will be...

SCIENCE FAIR: Rough draft is due on the 15th!

News Dec 10 Students must submit their rough draft Review of Literature on Google Classroom by December 15th....

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