EPIC! Free Digital Books for Elementary Students

News Oct 19 Students learn to read by reading, lots and lots of reading! As students begin to devour books, we often find ourselves...

Copy a Folder in Google Drive

News Oct 11 Looking for a way to copy a folder in Google Drive. Try a Chrome Web Store App called Copy Folder. This app allows you to make a copy of an existing folder and move the copy in your Drive. You can make a copy of any folder you have viewi

Code Combat

News Oct 9 Code Combat is a coding website for kids. It teaches the basics of coding in a gaming format and its free!

ISTE Releases New Standards

News Oct 9 The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) released a new set of student standards....

Todays Meet

Resources Oct 9 Use back-channeling to engage learners.


Resources Oct 9 Create virtual bulletin boards with multimedia content.


Resources Oct 9 Annotate images with multimedia "targets".

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