EPIC! Free Digital Books for Elementary Students

News 4 days ago Students learn to read by reading, lots and lots of reading! As students begin to devour books, we often find ourselves...

Copy a Folder in Google Drive

News Oct 11 Looking for a way to copy a folder in Google Drive. Try a Chrome Web Store App called Copy Folder. This app allows you to make a copy of an existing folder and move the copy in your Drive. You can make a copy of any folder you have viewi

Code Combat

News Oct 9 Code Combat is a coding website for kids. It teaches the basics of coding in a gaming format and its free!

ISTE Releases New Standards

News Oct 9 The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) released a new set of student standards....

Todays Meet

Resources Oct 9 Use back-channeling to engage learners.


Resources Oct 9 Create virtual bulletin boards with multimedia content.


Resources Oct 9 Annotate images with multimedia "targets".

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