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Resources May 16 High Seas Adventure

May 2nd

News May 2 7th Grade AVID:  In AVID we have been preparing for a Philosophical Chair on whether or not students should have to complete Algebra II before they graduate high school.  The students have read an article, annotated, took notes, and filled out a two column org

April 20th

News Apr 20 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we finished our college major bumper stickers.  Students studied a major and turned it into an informational bumper sticker. Homework:   Learning at Home:  Please ta

April 16th

News Apr 16 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we filled out a Grade Report and began a binder check.  Many students are not filling out their online agendas.  This is so important to staying organized and informed of upcoming due dates.  We also had some time for s

April 13th

News Apr 13 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we had an AVID Fun Friday activity.  We thought about the best moments in our lives and moments we would want to relive again.  We also played telephone pictionary!   Homework:  No homewo

April 12th

News Apr 12 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we had tutorials.  Most students came to class prepared with their TRF filled out.  I can not stress enough how important it is for students to complete their TRFs the evening before tutorials.  They should be going thr

April 11th

News Apr 11 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID began researching a college major.  Students filled out a Google Doc with information about the major. Homework:  Finish the Google Doc for your college major.  This G. Doc is due by Friday at

April 9th

News Apr 9 Welcome back everyone! 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we filled out our Weekly Grade Report.  We presented our AVID commercials today in class.  Students were also given time to begin filling out their TRF's for tomorrows tutorial.  

March 26th

News Mar 26 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we filled out our Weekly Grade Report.  We also worked on finalizing our scripts for our college commercial.  Some students were also able to begin making their iMovie and recording. Homework: Week

March 21st

News Mar 21 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID researched our March Madness college.  We are creating 1-2 minutes commercials about our chosen college.  We will begin recording these commercials on Friday and complete them on Monday.   Homework

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