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Tutorial Form

Did you forget your tutorial form at school? Did you lose it?  Are you absent and you know you have a tutorial tomorrow?  Here is the form for you to print at home if needed.

Cornell Note Template

Make a copy and type your notes into this document.  The notes can then be saved in the appropriate home folder.

Applicants Wanted!

Would you like to take a leadership role in my classroom?  Fill out a classroom job application today!

Jan. 19th

News 7 hours ago 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we presented our AVID Island projects and Keynote portfolio projects to the class. Homework: None Learning at Home:     7th Grade Writing/Lite

Jan. 11th

News Jan 11 7th Grade AVID:  Today was a tutorial day! Things are running smoothly with our two new AVID tutors (Andy and Brandy). Homework: Keynote portfolio presentations due tomorrow. Learning at Home:  Check your c

Jan. 10th

News Jan 10 7th Grade AVID:  This week in AVID we have been working on making a portfolio of our accomplishments from Semester 1.  Students have been asked to create a Keynote presentation that includes student work.  Their Keynote must show how they have grown as a

Dec. 18th

News Dec 18 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we finished our college ornaments and our lifelines.  We are preparing to write a memoir. Homework: TRF due tomorrow Learning at Home:  Check your child's tutorial fo

Dec. 15th

News Dec 15 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we celebrated one thing we are proud of from first semester and one goal that we have for the future.  We also designed ornaments for our college tree.  Students were asked to design an ornament based on what college they se

Dec. 7th

News Dec 7 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we had tutorials.   Homework: Grade report-due tomorrow Learning at Home:  Please make sure to sign your childs grade report and talk about grades.  The end of the q

Dec. 6th

News Dec 6 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID took our quiz over Public Speaking Terminology.  Students also had time to finish their college vocabulary projects in class and turn them in.   Homework: Grade report-due Friday, Tutorial tomorrow

Dec. 5th

News Dec 5 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we had tutorials!  Most of the students were prepared with their tutorial when they walked into the classroom.  This shows a lot of improvement!  Keep up the good work! Homework: Grade report-

Dec. 4th

News Dec 4 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we worked on our college vocabulary projects.  The rubric for this project is in Google Classroom and can be downloaded and put in their AVID folders.  Grade reports were filled out for the week and should be brought back si

Dec. 1st

News Dec 1 7th Grade AVID:  Today in AVID we performed the last AVID chant.  We then prepared for our study on college vocabulary.  We will be creating a project to help us understand some key college vocabulary.  We plan to display this project in the hallways

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