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This Week's Vocabulary

Click here for spelling words, affixes and academic words for this week.

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Class DOJO!

Please join our Class DOJO to keep up-to-date on all our class happenings. It is also a great way to communicate with me very quickly. I post about our learning and our FUN!

Frech YouTube Channel

Visit my District 186 YouTube channel to see our Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing plays. 

Kahn Academy

The mission of Khan Academy is to provide free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Parents can learn anything with Khan's expert-created content and resources for every subject and level.

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Google Docs

Students can log into their Google Account with this address:
Password is their lunch pin.


Play math games with your student. Make math fun!

downloadBranches of Government Webquest

Resources Nov 29 Please open this document in Pages and answer the questions using the websites listed for each section. You may have to copy and past the website into your search bar if it does not come up when yo

2017 Wave Science

Photos Nov 17 Today we learned more about waves through 4 fun experiments. We learned about wave frequency, amplitude and pitch. It is always better to learn by doing!

November Eagle Patrol

Photos Nov 15 The Enos Eagle Patrol surprised Bri’Ara on Tuesday, November 14 to give her a huge shout out for her very hard work in class. Bri’Ara focuses, gets her work done and always reads w

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