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Photos Sep 18 Students are learning how to navigate their iPads by taking a selfie and emailing it to Ms. Mann. It also is perfect for a new bulletin board, Mrs. Bennett is working on! 

STEAM learning

Photos Sep 4 After reading a book about a Native American Indian, students were hungry to learn more about them! By feeding this hunger for knowledge, students were naturally drawn to the housing structure

The hour of code

Photos Dec 9 Students participated in the hour of code on 12/8/17. This is an introduction to the field of computer science. The students enjoyed this activity so much, many of them continued to work on activit

Egg Drop 2017

Photos Dec 1 Students created devices to protect their egg from falling 3 stories.

Springfield Schools Foundation

Photos May 4 We are very greatful to recieve a grant from Springfield Schools foundation to create a calming space in our classroom.  Our calming space includes stress balls, a gazing ball, new bean bag ch

Look what we discovered on the playground!

Photos Apr 21 While taking a break on the playground this afternoon, we discovered 2 luna moths!  This was really exciting.  We did a little research and discovered that these moths emerge from their c

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