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Master Facilities Planning Information

Specials Schedule


11:10-11:40 Music

1:10-1:40 P.E.


1:10-2:10 Art


12:30-1:00 Library


No Specials


11:10-11:40 Music

1:10-1:40 P.E.

Classroom Expectations

Show Respect
*Listen to directions.
*Raise hand and wait to speak.
*Work quietly.

Show Kindness
*Be kind with hands and feet.
*Be helpful.

Show Responsibility
*Complete all assignments.
*Return homework and library books on time.
*Take care of your supplies.
*Treat school and classroom materials with care.

Classroom Consequences

1. Great Day-No Marks on Clipboard *Completed assignments. *Followed Directions

2. Verbal Warning-1st Mark on Clipboard *Reminder of rules. *Get back on task.

3. Classroom Time Out-2nd Mark on Clipboard *5 minute timeout in the classroom *Reminder of rules. *Get back on task.

4. Partner Teacher: 3rd Mark on Clipboard*Lose recess *Time out in partner teacher's classroom *Call to Parent

5. Principal-4th Mark on Clipoard*Written Referral *See Mr. Scott


Classroom Rewards

1. Team Points

2. Badges

3. Stickers

4. Certificates

5. RRK Tickets

6. Treats

Homework Expectations 2018-2019

All students are expected to complete homework on a nightly basis. Below is what students are responsible for completing:

1. Reading 20 minutes(reading book or any book)

2. Math homework

3. Practice math facts 5-10 min each night.

4. Practice spelling words to prepare for Friday test.

Class Dojo

News Aug 28 Don't forget to sign up to our class dojo page through the invite that has been sent.  That will be the primary way that I will communicate with parents.  Newsletters, homework alerts, and other important information will be shared that way this year! 

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