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Master Facilities Planning Information

Classroom Expectations

Show Respect
*Listen to directions.
*Raise hand and wait to speak.
*Work quietly.

Show Kindness
*Be kind with hands and feet.
*Be helpful.

Show Responsibility
*Complete all assignments.
*Return homework and library books on time.
*Take care of your supplies.
*Treat school and classroom materials with care.

Classroom Consequences

1. Great Day-No Marks on Clipboard *Completed assignments. *Followed Directions

2. Verbal Warning-1st Mark on Clipboard *Reminder of rules. *Get back on task.

3. Classroom Time Out-2nd Mark on Clipboard *5 minute timeout in the classroom *Reminder of rules. *Get back on task.

4. Partner Teacher: 3rd Mark on Clipboard*Lose recess *Time out in partner teacher's classroom *Call to Parent

5. Principal-4th Mark on Clipoard*Written Referral *See Mr. Scott


Classroom Rewards

1. Team Points

2. Badges

3. Stickers

4. Certificates

5. RRK Tickets

6. Treats

Homework Expectations 2018-2019

All students are expected to complete homework on a nightly basis. Below is what students are responsible for completing:

1. Reading 20 minutes(reading book or any book)

2. Math homework

3. Practice math facts 5-10 min each night.

4. Practice spelling words to prepare for Friday test.

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