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Southwind Ecosystem Scavenger Hunt

Photos May 15 Students learned about different ecosystems. They were given a scavenger hunt to find signs of certain things like finding animals tracks, find a home in nature, find a prey in nature, etc. The wea

Children's Discovery Museum Field Trip

Photos May 15 Students learned about states of matter before the field trip. They extended this learning by learning about physical and chemical change. They did 2 chemical experiments and one water. They learne

MAP Awards!

Photos Apr 9 Students that met requirements for MAP were called during Hazel Dell Ceremony! 

Will an orange float or sink?

Videos Feb 9 Students experimented with an orange and a  clemintine to figure out if they would sink or float. Then we had to take it a step further to undrestand why! Take a look at the results! 

Remind me!

Info Dec 17 Please sign up for remind me because you will not want to miss out on our notifications! 

8 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code

Newsletter Dec 8 An article to promote coding for our students! 

Lincoln Library Field Trip

Photos Nov 22 Lincoln Library and Lincoln's home Field Trip. Students learned about how the library works, read books, and walked around Lincoln's home. They learned so much! They even got to talk w

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