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Welcome Back!

Surprise, Surprise!  I have been promoted to the 3rd Grade!  I will be teaching all of the math, science, and social studies at the 3rd grade level.  I am very excited about the change and look forward to an awesome year. 

Force & Motion

News 2 days ago We are building our own personal balloon hovercrafts this week in science. We are in need of some simple household items to complete this activity.  

Piano Time In Music

News Mar 2 We are learning keyboarding in Mrs. Garcia's class!  We are all learning to play a tune on the piano.  I am really impressed with how well the kids are doing!

Rock and Mineral Scavenger Hunt

News Feb 9 We had a great time on Thursday doing a rock and mineral scavenger hunt.  Students went around the room collecting facts about different types of rocks and minerals.  

Test Prep!

Photos Jan 31 Today we were preparing for our Topic 9 assessment.  We really learned alot about cooperative work.  Students solved the problems and then shared their answers.  They had to defend t

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