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PARCC Reflection

Blog Mar 23 1.  Which testing expectations did I not meet during the 2 weeks of PARCC? 2.  Why is it important to fix this for next time?

Advisory - February 22nd

Blog Feb 22 1. Watch the video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO7_WX-gyVU 2.  List 5 ways you think we could spread kindess around the school. 3.

Advisory - Feb. 15th

Blog Feb 15 Now that you've watched the Sneeches, answer the following questions in full sentences: A.  Is the end of the movie realistic, why or why not? B. Is it more important to prove that we are


News Dec 19 http://www.crmvet.org/docs/ms_for_comic.pdf

Advisory - Nov. 14th

Blog Nov 14 1.  What is the difference between external and internal locus of control. 2.  Why is it important to know the difference?

Advisory - Nov. 1

Blog Nov 1 1. What should your hallway behavior not look like? 2. Who can stop you in the hallway? 

BIST Review (Advisory - Oct. 31)

Blog Oct 31 Answer ALL of the questions below in a comment. Be sure to number your answers.   1. What does moving to a safe seat or buddy room look like?


Current Events Oct 3 Newsela: Helping Friends Code YK8 MU4

AVID 1st Quarter

News Sep 24 Students will focus on: - getting organized       - agendas      - binders/supplies - making the text/writing in margins (Close Read) - asking good higher level questions - taking Cornell Notes

Lincoln Library

Current Events Sep 22 -eResources - Newspapers & Periodicals - America's Newspapers  

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