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My Reading List

This summer, the two books I read were JUST KIDS, by Patti Smith, and THE TOWER, THE ZOO, AND THE TORTOISE, by Julia Stuart.  Currently I'm reading CAT'S EYE,  by Margaret Atwood.  (I'm also beginning the Harry Potter series with my son.  Can you believe I've never read them?)

Among the Hidden

News May 17 https://quizlet.com/87470003/among-the-impostors-flash-cards/


News May 7 Here is the link to a PDF. http://nisbah.com/summer_reading/the-outsiders_se_hinton.pdf  

4th Quarter Ex. Credit Opportunity

News Apr 9 If you would like to donate a new or used copy of THE OUTSIDERS to the classroom library, you can earn 15 points....

Visit the Secret Annex Online

News Jan 10 This link provides a 3D tour of the Secret Annex, the hiding place of Anne Frank and 7 others in Amsterdam during WWII. http://www.annefrank.org/en/Subsites/Home/

Collection 3 literary terms and vocabulary

News Dec 15 https://quizlet.com/254355665/collection-3-vocabulary-and-lit-terms-flash-cards/?new

Padlet - Discussion of theme in Bradbury story

News Nov 27 https://padlet.com/katyp1/4oexbebp4mm7

How to Choose a Novel

News Nov 27 Readers, you will be making a list of novels you'd like to read this year.  There are many ways to choose a novel: - Start with a website of suggested novels for middle school. https://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/middle-school - Think about a book or short

Collection 2 (+) Literary Terms Quizlet

News Nov 15 https://quizlet.com/_41jbw6

Collection 2 Vocabulary Quizlet

News Nov 13 https://quizlet.com/_415381

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