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Lee School Mission


Planning pathways to achieve success

Lee School Vision


We will commit to working collaboratively to build positive relationships among students, staff, families and the community. As a learning community, these relationships will form the strong foundation for continued social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

Way Up High In The Apple Tree

Photos Oct 3 Students have been using their visual discrimmination to collect all the apples from the tree!

We LOVE Pete the Cat and his white shoes!

Photos Oct 2 Students have had fun with our favorite cat, Pete!  We read about his adventures and all the things he stepped in!  What color did his shoes turn?? Did Pete cry? Oh Goodness no!  He

Learning about force!

Photos Aug 28 Our Mystery Science lesson was about force!  Pinching, hitting and even lifting are considered force! We made a "hopper popper" and applied force to launch a carboard frog! Fun and l

New Braille Books!

Photos Aug 28 We got some new braille books over the summer and they are a BIG hit!  We are back to tactually exploring books and using the braille writer to write!!

The Wheels on the Bus have brought us back for another exciting school year!

Photos Aug 28 It's exciting to be back for another great year!  We have spent the beginning of school interacting with Wheels on the Bus!  Students have activated the switch in a variety of ways to

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