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Planning pathways to achieve success

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We will commit to working collaboratively to build positive relationships among students, staff, families and the community. As a learning community, these relationships will form the strong foundation for continued social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

World Braille Day

News Jan 9 https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/world/world-braille-day World Braille Day is annually celebrated on January 4, the birthday of Braille inventor, Louis Braille. The day recognizes the contributions of Louis Braille in helping blind and visually impaired people to read a

Scientists 3-D print new cornea for human transplant, from fish scales

News Oct 10 It is unbelievable the advancement in technology!  Click the link below to read about this new scientific discovery! https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/heal

How some blind people 'see' with their ears!

News Oct 10 This is an excellent article about how some blind people use echolocation to navigate the world! Click on the link below to read more about one man's experience! https://www.mnn.

Tasty Thursday!

Photos Oct 4  Whether they use a switch to activate a mixer, hold a spoon to stir, or follow a braille recipe independently,  all students can participate in cooking!

Fun Fall Festivities!

Photos Oct 4 We had lots of fun in September exploring nature!  We used a lightbox to get a better look at leaves, acorns, pinecones and more!

Tactile Communication Systems!

Photos Oct 4 Students are using various types of tactiel communication systems to make choices!

Welcome to Work!

Photos Oct 3 This year our high school students have the opportunity to put into practice their vocational skills!  Some students are going to  Contact Ministries where they are providing a valuable s

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