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Speller's Choice

If you ever loose your sheet, here is another copy so you can easily do your homework at home!


Check out some awesome books that I've read, am currently reading or want to read.

Google Docs Instructions

Go to http://docs.google.com
Type in your username and then @students.sps186.org
Your password is your lunch pin.

Finish any assignment on Google docs and make sure it says changes have been saved before you log out.

Student of the Month

September-Katie Coniglio, 7th
October-C.J. Amoussou, 8th and Josh Salter, 6th
November/December- Andrea Ecklund, 7th and Lucy Lutkowski, 6th
January-Cedric Martin, 8th, Emily Hartman and Zach Hamilton, 6th
February-Devyn Heard, 7th and Elizabeth Montgomery, 6th
March-Brian Adams, 8th and Kaleb Bluhm, 6th
April-Kateera Dixon, 7th and Trinity Franke, 7th

Staff Directory
What can you do to help the world?

Resources Apr 8 One 8th grade boy is helping the homeless by making cupcakes. What can you do to help others around you?

Should she have not been allowed to go to school?

Blog Mar 27 I do not agree with the school's initial decision to ban the student from coming to school with a shaved head....

3/27 Blog Article

Resources Mar 27 Should the school have banned her for shaving her head? Do you think we need a non-distracting environment in school?

History Channel

Resources Mar 17 Look here for interesting videos and information about your topic.

Holocaust Museum

Resources Mar 17 Use this resource to find out information about your topic


Resources Mar 17 If you are researching a person from WWII, look here!


Resources Mar 17 Cite your sources easily with easybib.com


Resources Mar 17 Find your explorer

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