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One-to-One iPad Classroom

Our Kindergarten Class has been blessed with the opportunity to be a one-to-one iPad classroom. This has taken our learning to a whole new level! Check in with us often to see how we are using our iPads!

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Parents…check out the website GoNoOdle.

It is a great way to get some exercise and have fun!

Character Pumpkin Book Study

Photos 4 days ago We had a great time collaborating with the 5th graders for our Character Pumpkin Book Study. Each 5th grade student was paired with a Kindergarten student. Over the course of two weeks the students

Learning About Speech Bubbles

Photos 4 days ago We have been learning about speech bubbles. Each of the Kindergarten students shared what they love about school! 

Fun Friday Alphabet Stations

Photos Oct 5 Fun Friday Alphabet Stations


Photos Oct 2 We are learnig how to be great storytellers. We retold some of our favorite stories using books and props!

Writing Letters and Snap Words in Shaving Cream

Photos Oct 2 We had a great time writing letters and snap words in shaving cream!

Slime Science Experiment

Photos Sep 24 We had a great visit with the 5th graders today.  We did a slime science experiment!  Slime has qualities of both a solid and a liquid. It can take the shape of its containers like a

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