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World History

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6th hr        d0w4yn

US History

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4th hr       7jmqne        

5th hr       5kzl8p

Extra Credit Opportunities for Immigration

8th Grade Resources Nov 15 You have 2 opportunities to earn 4 pts extra credit in the Practice category of your grade.  Each task would take the place of a missing assignment.  Click on the link to see what you can

Ellis Island Interactive

8th Grade Resources Nov 15 Over 10 million European immigrants were processed at Ellis Island. This link will provide you with an interactive tour of what they went through when they attemted to begin their new lives in


8th Grade Resources Nov 13 Slide show on Immigration Notes.  

New York Times Interactive Immigration Explorer

8th Grade Resources Nov 13 Check out where the various immigrant groups have moved to in the United States.  

Geography Kahoot!

6th Grade Resources Oct 17 This link will allow you to challenge friend using the Kahoot! app on a phone.   The code for the game is 0459699  

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