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Anytime a you experience a term we learned about throughout the year in "real life", you may get 1 pt extra credit (SUMMATIVE).   Fill out an index card with your name, the term, the definition of the term, and how you experienced the term (how they "got psyched").  

Credit will only be given for terms correctly applied and given serious effort.  

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1st hr - AP Psychology           @6gk2hf

2nd hr -Adv World History      @bd9374f

3rd hr - Adv World History      @fd4g7e

4th hr - AP Psychology           @d48d8h7

5th hr - AP Psychology           @cg7da2

7th hr - Am Government         @894d2e

Do Now Link

This link contains all of the Do Nows from the year.  AP Psych has the bouncing brain.  World History will need to use the slide with the Earth on the bottom left corner.   American Government has the waiving flag.  


AP Psychology Aug 28 Here is the appendix from the back of the book.  This will be usefull for the different types of psychologists.  

Packet of Fun for the Prologue Chapter

AP Psychology Aug 28 Here is the Packet of Fun for the Prologue Chapter on History and Approaches.  

AP Psychology Syllabus

AP Psychology Aug 28 Here is the syllabus for the NEW AP Psychology course for 2018-19.  

Padlet link

American Government Aug 23 How is government involved in my daily life?  

Welcome to Mrs. Moore's site

Info Jul 23 I am excited to start this upcoming school year as a Senator!  I will be starting my 20th year teaching this year and am gettng back into the high school setting after a three year adventure i

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