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AP Psych Update 9/8

Sep 8, 2019 Welcome to AP Psychology!  I am excited to embark on the 2nd year of AP Psych at SHS.  We have already moved through most of Unit 1 and will looking at our first exam the week of Sept 16.  For each unit, students work through a Packet (of Fun). I do not know how this named developed last year, but it was adopted early on and stuck. READ MORE

World History Update 9/8

Sep 8, 2019 Welcome to World History 234 & 235.  This year we are embarking on a new way to study history - Thematically instead of chronologically.  Mr. Kramer and I will be developing the curriculum throughout the year to delve into the themes of Cultural Diversity, Power, Expansion, Progress, Clash of Ideas, Nationalism and Globalization.  We will be using a variety of sources and activities explore these themes. READ MORE

AP Exam Deadline

Mar 20, 2019 Do not forget that Friday is the deadline to sign up for AP exams.  The two websites on my homepage are great sources for info about the exam and for searching how to get credit for your exam.  Check them out! 

World History resources

Feb 18, 2019 Check out Google Classroom for resources on the Middle Ages including Google Slides and notes pages.  

New AP Resources

Feb 18, 2019 Check Google Classroom for the Cognition materials including Packet of Fun, text, and slides.  

New Chromebooks 1:1

Jan 26, 2019 Exciting news for my classes! We are so lucky to have recieved a 1:1 Chromebook cart for use in my classse.  We have adapted our Do Nows and other daily activites to incorporate the use of the Chromebooks.  Look for more technology to be utlized for assessments, collaboration, and other daily activities.  

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