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<p>First clue</p>

Breakout Edu Activity

Feb 17, 2017 At iPad training we broke into small groups to discover hidden codes to help us unlock a box with tons of locks on it.  Several of us in the group were math teachers so it helped unlock the "math clues" whereas others in the group were able to unlock the "literacy clues.
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Outdoor Math

Sep 15, 2016 My fourth block wanted to show off their mad skills on integer multiplication so we covered the blacktop in chalk.
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Cup Stacking Team Building Activity

Aug 24, 2016 Students worked in groups of 3 or 4. They had to flip cups over to build a tower without touching the cups with their hands. This was not only exciting to play but exciting to watch as well! This activity forced students to collaborate quickly and effectively.
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Classroom Expectations Made Fun with QR Codes!

Aug 24, 2016 Students worked with partners to hunt down all of my classroom expectations hidden behind QR codes.
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Lego Partner Activity

Aug 22, 2016 Students had to use clear and precise communication skills in order to duplicate a Lego masterpiece.
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Getting to Know You

Sep 18, 2014 This was a partner activity where the students worked to create the tallest structure out of spaghetti and mini marshmallows.
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Lego Challenge

Sep 18, 2014 While in partners, one student built a structure and hid it from their partner. The lego structure was kept hidden while the builder gave directions on how to make their creation. Finally, they checked their structures to see if they matched.
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Integer Scavenger Hunt

Sep 18, 2014 Students enjoyed answering the problems and then searching for the next problem so they could get their next problem.
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